3 Best Parts of the Class:
​1. Relaxation Techniques
2. When to go to the Hospital
3. The Epidural Procedure!!!!

"My son & wife loved the class!!"  Debbie-

Practice Administrator


 Birthing Classes

Absolutely loved the class....so much information presented in a fun, energetic formatSarah & Matt

Thank you for such an entertaining class!! Well done!


"I'll be honest, we were a bit skeptical about 6 hours and what we'd really learn.  But your class exceeded all expectations. Great class!!"


"Loved your class today!!"  Raquel-

We feel so much better about

"What to Expect in Labor". 


Just wanted to say a quick "thank you" for a great class on Saturday! My husband Jason and I really enjoyed it; it was perfectly paced; it wasn't dumbed-down (as some classes like this tend to be), and it was full of very helpful and useful information. We both agreed afterwards that we feel much less worried about the experience of giving birth in several weeks. You made us feel very prepared and addressed a lot of concerns that we had. You were both wonderful teachers, and we won't hesitate to recommend your class to other parents-to-be (and to share our feedback with our OBGYN).

Thank you again!
Kristin and Jason